What Builds Us


Through the blessed Dixon community, St. Patrick's Parish has found its home among a great number of faithful and enthusiastic members who always do what they can to bring God's love to everyone.


Thanking God for the amazing gifts he has bestowed upon us is one of the chief pillars of what we do at our parish. By continuing to partake in our faithful activities, we can praise and glorify God for years to come.


Our parishoners help to sustain the ever-growing population of believers both locally and worldwide. By supporting international evangelical efforts, we play a part in spreading God's Word to all people.


St. Patrick's Parish offers an extensive set of community gatherings in order to show support for the faith and to come together through Christ. Join us to help demonstrate what God's presence can do in our world.


Contributing to the faith community is just as important as showing financial support! By showing up to community events and partaking in faithful fellowship, we can create a world of good stewards. What will you do?


A community is without purpose if not for a reason to bond. The members of St. Patrick's continue to grow spiritually within themselves as well as displaying solidarity among our beloved siblinghood.


Fr. John Evans

Dea. Terrence Wagner